Renos Wilderness Art, located in Northern Idaho has been creating one-of-a kind hand crafted art work for over a decade.

Pat and Cassie and their house full of dog’s live in the high mountain country of Northern Idaho with it’s abundant wildlife, deep clear lakes and wild white water rivers.

They draw upon the areas scenic landscapes, wildlife and vanishing timber industry for inspiration in their work.

Cassie has always been an accomplished artist. With a great love for painting and drawing. You will see her awesome talent in their wildlife designs and beautifully painted pieces.

 After leaving the Army in 1986 Pat started working in the areas sawmills and soon found himself working in maintenance, were welding and fabrication came naturally for him.

As the two combined their talents often using pieces from our vanishing timber industry as a base for their art work. Their designs and creations are truly unique. They pride themselves on being able to produce hand drawn and hand cut metal art. You will not find any computerized or mass generated pieces in their inventory.

Since each piece is hand made and totally unique it will make them a collectible for generations to come.